Ron Paul Revolutionaries, meet Congresswoman Ilhan Abdullahi Omar

She is courageous.

She is determined.

She is uncorruptible.

She has style.

She has attitude.

She is a straight talker.

She is a force to be reckoned with.

We have to guide that force in the correct direction.

My advice: Talk about foreign aid to Israel and not about the persons who support foreign aid to Israel. Listen carefully to their arguments. Accept the parts, if any, that are valid, and rebut the rest by pointing out the flaws in their reasoning. Complaints about those people are not relevant to the issue of foreign aid to Israel.

As Ron Paul would say:

Being falsely accused of anti-Semitism and being a supporter of radical fascism is not an enviable position for any politician. Most realize it is best to be quiet and support our Middle East involvement.

—Congressional Record, September 7, 2006 page H6361
2006 Ron Paul 74:81

There are now an estimated 700 dead Palestinians, most of whom are civilians. Many innocent children are among the dead. While the shooting of rockets into Israel is inexcusable, the violent actions of some people in Gaza does not justify killing Palestinians on this scale. Such collective punishment is immoral. At the very least, the U.S. Congress should not be loudly proclaiming its support for the Israeli government’s actions in Gaza.

—Congressional Record January 9, 2009 page H98
2009 Ron Paul 7:11

New: Washington Post editorial 17 March 2019 by Ilhan Omar (and probably proof-read by a few people for blunders.)
Text of H. Res. 183 (.pdf) . . . H. Res. 241 (.pdf) . . . How they voted, 7 March 2019 . . . Ilhan Omar married her brother
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Omar says:
Ron Paul says:
Mr. Chairman, it has been stated that only five times we have declared war in our history. True. But who is going to stand here and say that men that died in Vietnam and in Korea were not in a war? They were illegal. They were unconstitutional. This is a very sound effort to bring back once again the constitutional responsibility of all of us to declare war, and only Congress can do that.1998 Ron Paul 30:3

     Rep. Omar, don’t be alarmed at the idea of agreeing with Ron Paul or anybody else. If Charles Manson said that St. Paul is the capital city of Minnesota, and you agree that St. Paul is the capital city of Minnesota, you are not agreeing so much with Charles Manson but with something he said. Charles Manson isn’t right, the statement is. (When using this model to make a point, don’t mess up and use the wrong city. “If Charles Manson says Chicago is the capital city of Illinois...” because it ain’t.)

Condemning a terrorist attack by the Irish Republican Army is not anti-Catholic bigotry.

Truth is treason in the empire of lies.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Keeping the U.S. war machine going is their goal, so they condemn Rep. Ilhan Omar’s truthful remark.

This is the proposed resolution, H. Res. 241 (.pdf). This is not to be confused with H. Res. 183 (.pdf), which passed on 7 March 2019.

“I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is OK for people to push for allegiance to a foreign country.”—Congresswoman Omar

Rep. Eliot Engel, [Phone : (202) 225-2464, Fax: (202) 225-5513 Office hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 - 17:00] chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, lashed out at Omar’s “vile anti-Semitic slur” that wasn’t. The Anti-Defamation League has a page, Straight Talk on the Charge of Jewish Disloyalty and her comments were well within the part about “Let’s be clear:” Omar was not talking about Jewish persons. She was talking about a political influence. Plenty of the pro-Israel activists are not Jewish, and some Jewish folks will not have anything to do with the pro-Israel activists.

Face it: They don’t want any threat to the U.S.A. Government’s unqualified, blind support for the State of Israel. During a Congressional roll call, pro-Israel activists cannot hold a gun to a member’s head, but they can hurl the epithet, anti-Semite, and if members are scared, the pro-Israel lobby gets to dictate to Congress. Luckily, the public is starting to see through this: Rep. Ilhan Omar responds to House committee chair's charge of ‘vile, anti-Semitic slur’ Problem is, if Engel overplays the anti-Semite card, it will lose its value to the point that denouncements of real anti-Semitism will one day be ignored.
On Monday, Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt wrote a letter to Pelosi calling on her to hold a vote on a congressional resolution rejecting what he said were Omar’s anti-Semitic statements. “Accusing Jews of having allegiance to a foreign government has long been a vile anti-Semitic slur that has been used to harass, marginalize, and persecute the Jewish people for centuries,” Greenblatt wrote. NBC News

Omar was not accusing Jews of having an allegiance to a foreign government. She was talking about a political influence and U.S. Government support for Israel, and she was not talking about Jewish people, she was talking about the pro-Israel lobby, which does not include all Jews and does include some non-Jews. Just because this reminds some persons about something else does not mean it is something else. She was not using anything to harass, marginalize or persecute anybody. Her critics are desperately trying to stop discussion about the political influence she discusses, so they label her anti-Jewish. They are taking their lessons from Joseph Goebbels:
“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Hint: ADL also has a web page where they lash out at Jewish Voice for Peace. So much for ADL.

A side note: Engel also lashed out at anti-Muslim bigotry other persons displayed against Omar:

“I feel confident that her words were not based on any antisemitic attitude. But that she didn’t have a full appreciation of how they landed on other people where these words have a history and a cultural impact that might have been unknown to her,” Brietbart

Dog-whistles are secret codes used by anti-Jewish bigots to express their bigotry, to each other, without alarming the rest of the public. Since Omar is not an anti-Jewish bigot and the codes are secret, how was she supposed to know? A careful review of what she actually said does not reveal any anti-Jewish bigotry.

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The webmaster suspects that a lot of persons subconsciously believe (until somebody actually says it, and they realize the absurdity of it) that the alliance between bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. and the bureaucrats in Israel is blessed by God as His holy alliance between Christianity and Judaism, and a suitable way for U.S.A. to atone for its sins during the Second World War, such as turning away the SS St. Louis and trapping millions of persons in Europe. Such a view distracts people away from seeing a more suitable chess move, such as reforming U.S.A. immigration restrictions so the Jews (and other categories of Holocaust victims and victims of persecutions today) can escape to the United States of America.

My hope is that as much as I hold others accountable and help them learn, that people will also hold me accountable. —Omar in Rolling Stone

     At your service, Congresswoman Omar. What did you ever do in the Minnesota Legislature to get rid of local zoning restrictions? What are you doing in Congress to get rid of zoning restrictions in the District of Columbia?

Omar says:
Housing is a human right. Stable housing is essential to a healthy and secure life. Whether we rent or own our homes, everyone deserves access to a safe and stable place to live. However, the free-market does not meet the needs of working families, while big banks and for-profit developers continue to profit off of working communities. From a history of redlining communities to modern gentrification and displacement, residential segregation patterns exist today with communities of color more likely to live in places with higher poverty rates and lower home values.
Repeal the problem:
What free market? Abolish zoning restrictions, and immediately there will be an abundance of new jobs in demolition and construction, removing dilapidated, single-family homes, eliminating the lead paint and aluminum wiring, (I can never resist...) cleaning up the asbestos as best as they can, and erecting apartment houses. There is no heating loss along interior walls or floors. An apartment might only have one side facing the cold Minnesota winter. Laws requiring parking lots rob tenants who don’t drive, and need to be repealed. Take these steps instead of erecting a bureaucracy to dole out rent subsidies. With a glut of new housing, landlords would scramble to find tenants for half of today’s rents. Some locals would go nuts when all these Black folks and Muslim ladies wearing hijabs move into the neighborhood. Tell them to deal with it.

Don’t forget attitude: City Hall does not “enact zoning regulations.” City Hall “imposes zoning restrictions.”

It was all about the Benjamins, baby:

Help spread the truth:

Omar says:
Holding you accountable:

     What did you ever do in Minnesota to get the underage drinking laws repealed? That is a real hate crime against the outvoted discrimination victims. If they wanted to reduce DWI they would have cracked down on DWI. On 22 May 2007, Minnesota Senate President James Metzen got busted for DWI. What are you doing to get the drinking age repealed in D.C. and the National Minimum Drinking Age Act (It’s all about the Benjamins, baby.) repealed? What are the outvoted discrimination victims supposed to do, build a time machine so they can obey a law against being younger than 21?
     One of the most onerous practices of Congress is the use of federal funds illegitimately taken from the American people to bribe states into obeying federal dictates.

1999 Ron Paul 1:3

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Omar says:
Another chess move:
Don’t forget to push for qualified interpreters for persons facing deportation, as part of the due process requirement. Just because SCOTUS says the Constitution does not forbid Congress to be a bunch of potholes, doesn’t mean Congress should be a bunch of potholes.

Repeal the problem: Allow persons to become immigration lawyers without having to spend time learning and keeping up with other areas, such as environmental protection laws, which have nothing to do with immigration cases. The cost of learning that stuff increases the cost of a lawyer; and reduces the quality of legal service by occupying the lawyer’s mind with useless information.

Help spread the truth:

Omar says:
Another chess move:
They start at the hospital the day after high school, mopping floors to pay for room, board and tuition. By living at the hospital, they save the time and expense of commuting. Once they are qualified as an emergency medical technician (EMT) or nurse’s aide, they do that to pay for room, board and tuition. There are many existing promotions, such as EMT to paramedic and licensed practical nurse (LPN) to registered nurse (RN) to advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP). Design a ladder the student can climb from mopping floors to doctor of medicine (MD) or another degree (OD, DMD, whatever.) They get the doctorate degree without a student loan debt.

The job of the Congress is to remove any legal barriers under federal or District of Columbia law that prevent this solution from being implemented.

Help spread the truth:

Omar says:
Holding you accountable:

What democracy? It's a federal republic.

Our constitutional Republic, according to our founders, should above all else protect the rights of the minority against the abuses of an authoritarian majority. They feared democracy as much as monarchy and demanded a weak executive, a restrained court, and a handicapped legislature. 2000 Ron Paul 2:13

In contrast, in a republic, the role of government is strictly limited to a few well-defined functions and the fundamental rights of individuals are respected. A constitution limiting the authority of central government and a Bill of Rights expressly forbidding the federal government from abridging the fundamental rights of a people are features of a republican form of government. Even a cursory reading of the Federalist Papers and other works of the founders shows they understood that obtaining the consent of 51 percent of the people does not in any way legitimize government actions abridging individual liberty. 2000 Ron Paul 63:4

Never forget what your geometry teacher said: For a statement to be true, it must be true for all cases. The people of the 5th elected me... is a false statement. Some of the people of the 5th elected you.

This is especially important in political discussions where the victims of an unjust law are portrayed as the same persons who impose it. The people strongly support that law. portrays the population as grey chessmen living in peaceful harmony, when the reality if a handful of chessmen vastly overpowered by a hostile army of enemy chessmen.

The problem is, it takes longer to speak the truth than it takes to speak lies, putting honest politicians at a disadvantage during timed debates.

<sarcasm>Hey liberals, let’s march in the streets of Washington, D.C. and demand that those dirty, rotten, lousy, no-good politicians take over every hospital and clinic in the country!</sarcasm>

Omar says:
Holding you accountable:
     Congresswoman, gang rape is a democracy. Five persons say “yes,“ one says “no,” and the majority rules, electing one of themselves “sheriff,” to handcuff the victim. One vote is useless, and so is campaigning to those potholes, who do not give a fire truck about the unalienable rights of the outvoted victim.

     Who are those supporters of Medicare for All? You should know that most voters will elect anybody who smiles and waves to them on election day. They go by how many lawn signs and bumper stickers they remember seeing. They don’t think much, especially about what a disaster Medicare for All is in Canada.

     First, examine the chessboard for opportunities to repeal the problems that drive up health care costs.

     Medicare for All would be outrageously expensive, motivating more people to press for tougher immigration restrictions. Consider the clods who keep re-electing supporters of public school, and when the school taxes rise, the same clods tell Congress to add more Border Patrol goons.

     In another tweet, you assert the constitutional power of Congress, not Trump, to authorize military intervention in Venezuela. Now you are pushing for something that is not delegated by the Constitution to Congress. Just because SCOTUS vomits forth a far-fetched judicial misinterpretation does not mean you are no longer bound by your oath of office.

     Ron Paul did not push for unlimited immigration, but orthodox libertarian extremists do.

Congresswoman Omar, what are you doing to repeal the National Health Planning and Resources Development Act of 1974?

Omar says:

     I will fight for a Medicare for All, single-payer healthcare system to guarntee quality healthcare for all Americans. It is unacceptable that millions of people are unable to seek care because they live without or cannot afford insurance. It is horrifying that we continue to fight for the right to seek an abortion and access reproductive freedom. We must hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for price gouging patients who have no other alternative but to pay exorbitantly high prices for drugs.
Repeal the problem:

     Bureaucrats drive up the cost of health care with outrageous restrictions. Contrary to the claims of many advocates of increased government regulation of health care, the problems with the health care system do not represent market failure. Rather, they represent the failure of government policies which have destroyed the health care market.1999 Ron Paul 103:3 (Ron Paul is a physician, OB/GYN)

     Once a drug company clears a new medicine, which is slightly better than what is currently in use, it becomes illegal to prescribe the earlier medicine, which the patient could afford. The doctor has to prescribe the new medicine, which the patient cannot afford, and which is only slightly better.

Consider the baby who died in Virginia because the kid was born in a hospital that was refused a Certificate of Public Need. The institution was not equipped to handle the difficult birth because the government of Virginia had refused to let it have high-tech neonatal care facilities, declaring that they were not necessary.

     This baby died, at least in part, because bureaucrats in Richmond—acting in accordance with the wishes of LewisGale's chief competitor and against the wishes of doctors, hospital administrators, public officials, and the people of Salem, Virginia—let it happen.

Help spread the truth:

     Mr. Speaker, I am also pleased that Congress is addressing the subject of health care in America, for the American health care system does need reform. Too many Americans lack access to quality health care while millions more find their access to medical care blocked by a “gatekeeper,” an employee of an insurance company or a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) who has the authority to overrule the treatment decisions of physicians!

     An an OB/GYN with more than 30 years experience, I find it outrageous that any insurance company bureaucrat could presume to stand between a doctor and a patient. However, in order to properly fix the problem, we must understand its roots. The problems with American health care coverage are rooted in the American tax system, which provides incentives for employers to offer first-dollar insurance benefits to their employees, while providing no incentives for individuals to attempt to control their own health care costs. Because “he who pays the piper calls the tune,” it is inevitable that those paying the bill would eventually seize control over personal health care choices as a means of controlling costs.

     Because this problem was created by distortions in the health care market that took control of the health care dollar away from the consumer, the best solution to this problem is to put control of the health care dollar back into the hands of the consumer. We also need to rethink the whole idea of first-dollar insurance coverage for every medical expense, no matter how inexpensive. Americans would be more satisfied with the health care system if they could pay for their routine expenses with their own funds, relying on insurance for catastrophic events, such as cancer.

1998 Ron Paul 84:4-6

     When somebody at a table asks if you would like to buy a candy bar for muscular dystrophy, you are free to decline. Why would somebody want to contribute money for muscular dystrophy? It would make more sense to help somebody raise money to defeat muscular dystrophy.

     If you buy football tickets or football jerseys, remember that those are being sold to raise money for concussions. Worse, individuals have no choice about paying for concussions, given that football programs in government-run indoctrination centers are funded with stolen money. If you don’t pay school taxes, gun-toting goons in bulletproof vests will pay you a visit, perhaps forcing you out of your home and selling the home to raise money for concussions, and for pep rallies where attractive cheerleaders glorify the boys on the football team, inferring that those boys are superior to the others.

     Marching in the streets of Washington, D.C., anti-war protesters would be offered newspapers ranging from pro-labor union to Communist Party. Been there. Smoked that. Read those. Then I got a job.

     It was easy to make a connection that the other marchers supported the message in those newspapers. It ain’t necessarily so.

     Marchers know there is something seriously wrong with the system, but they think the problem is capitalism. The problem is corrupt, crony capitalism where government bureaucrats, backed by gun-toting goons in bulletproof vests control every facet of the economy.

     It is easy for the marchers to figure, They got rich because they got picked by the bureaucrats. Now they must share their ill-gotten gains with those who are less fortunate.

     Here is a better idea: Take away the special privileges doled out to the rich. End corporate welfare. Don’t rob the ones whose wealth is a result of being smart and working hard. Let the country’s most successful residents enjoy the support they can provide to others. Earl and Thelma Hodges were so successful that they were able to donate millions of dollars to International College, allowing the school to become a university—Hodges University! Compare that with the glory U.S. Senator Claiborne Pell got by doling out stolen money in the form of Pell Grants. Why should he get the glory? It ain’t his money.

     The Constitution made it clear that the government was not to interfere with productive, nonviolent human energy. This is the key element that has permitted America’s great achievements. It was a great plan. We should all be thankful for the bravery and wisdom of those who established this Nation and secured the Constitution for us. We have been the political and economic envy of the world. We have truly been blessed.
2000 Ron Paul 2:15.

     Consider taxi medallions. Bureaucrats placed caps on the number of medallions that would issue. If you tried driving a taxi without a medallion, the cops would stop you and haul you off to jail for it. That is not exactly what Ron Paul would call nonviolent, above. Medallion owners got rich pimping off the labor of the drivers. Along came Uber and Lyft, and more people are supporting themselves by driving. People commute to work for less. Of course, there are losers, same as when the slaves were freed. That is life.

     Before erecting new bureaucracies, always examine the chessboard for opportunities to repeal the problems.

     Rep. Omar, don’t forget that the expense of the entitlements you want enacted will motivate many taxation victims to tell Congress to restrict immigration. Those taxation victims do not want to pay more taxes to provide for refugees they don’t even know. Abolish those entitlements and more refugees will be able to move into the U.S.A.

     Notice my attitude: Since migration is part of the right to liberty, an unalienable right which no government can justly infringe, I avoided saying “allowed.” Also, they are not passive “taxpayers,” but “taxation victims.”

     There are plenty of clods who keep re-electing candidates who are in favor of public school; and when the school taxes go up, those same clods tell Congress to add more Border Patrol goons.

     When they object to refugees “taking jobs,” remind them that the solution is to abolish zoning restrictions, which will bring an abundance of new jobs and cause a plunge in rents, meaning more disposable income for families. One big obstacle to Rep. Ocasio-Cortéz’s Green New Deal is that local zoning boards will never allow it. Congress has no authority over the subject matter under the United States Constitution, and so it is up to State governments to preempt the local governments and eliminate zoning.

     Clearly, we have our work cut out for us. However, there is plenty of common ground between the Ron Paul Revolution and politicians such as Omar. The Ron Paul Revolution supports a policy of non-intervention in the Middle East.
Our policy in the Middle East is totally schizophrenic and driven by Arab oil, weapon sales, and Israel. This is especially dangerous because the history of the West’s intrusion into the Middle East for a thousand years in establishing the artificial borders that exist today has created a mindset among Islamic fundamentalists that guarantees that friction will persist in this region no matter how many Husseins or Ayatollahs we kill. That would only make things worse for us.1998 Ron Paul 2:31

     We need to focus on offering libertarian chess moves. We need to point out how her ideal of single-payer health care is not consistent with the Doctrine of Enumerated Powers, if she even knows what that is.

Fallacy Alert!

Did you catch that? We need to point out how her ideal of single-payer health care is not consistent with the Doctrine of Enumerated Powers, if she even knows what that is.

I call it the Pythagorean Fallacy. If you cannot find fault with the Pythagorean Theorem, find fault with Pythagoras. If you are unable or too lazy to find fault with Pythagoras, make something up. The inference is that Omar does not know what the Doctrine of Enumerated Powers is. I made that up. Maybe she does know what that doctrine is.

That is the real problem with the ad hominem attack. You cannot discredit the Pythagorean Theorem by discrediting Pythagoras. The line of reasoning stands on its own. If I tell you that your cough is definitely bronchitis, then you are justified in asking about my credentials, because I am not presenting a line of reasoning, only my own assertion.

Beware of all flaws in reasoning. Persons who support the same cause are often tempted not to point out the flaws in each other’s reasoning, but rest assured that your opponents will see those flaws. For example, the argument that immigrants tend to take jobs that U.S.A. citizens don’t want, is flawed because the reason they do not want those jobs is because the pay is so low, and the reason for that is the availability of immigrants to fill them. There is no need to present flawed reasoning because good, sound, logical reasoning supports the pro-immigration cause.

Help spread the truth:

      The modern-day welfare state has steadily grown since the Great Depression of the 1930s. The Federal Government is now involved in providing healthcare, houses, unemployment benefits, education, food stamps to millions, plus all kinds of subsidies to every conceivable special interest group. Welfare is now a part of our culture, costing hundreds of billions of dollars every year. It is now thought to be a right, something one is entitled to. Calling it an entitlement makes it sound proper and respectable and not based on theft.

     Anyone who has a need, desire, or demand and can get the politicians’ attention will get what he wants even though it may be at the expense of someone else.

     Today, it is considered morally right and politically correct to promote the welfare state. Any suggestion otherwise is considered political suicide.
2000 Ron Paul 2:43-45

Omar says:
Until we are able to run fair and clean elections, we will face barriers to the transformative change we seek. We must drastically reduce the amount of dark money in our political system, empower small-dollar donors, and move towards publicly-funded (sic) elections.
Another chess move:
Democrats and Republicans don’t want competition from other party candidates, so they impose outrageous ballot access restrictions. That has to stop, and Ron Paul offers a solution while explaining how that chess move is consistent with the Constitutional powers of Congress.

The other part of the solution is offered without participation by the government: The Project Vote Smart website, which features all the candidates equally and at no charge, while linking to their campaign websites.

Candidates should put their campaign website URL on their bumper stickers and lawn signs. It is too bad so many clods are influenced by a large number of these ads, but the inclusion of the URL says to check the website and see why they should vote for that candidate. Ain’t the candidate’s fault if the voter doesn’t do so.

Help spread the truth:

Omar says:
Holding you accountable:

     My advice: Always examine the chessboard for options that are consistent with the Doctrine of Enumerated Powers and which put the United States of America closer to becoming a free country, with liberty and justice for all. Stealing my money and giving it to foreign dictators and then imposing sanctions on the dictators is not wise. Repeal the immigration restrictions so the victims of dictatorships will find refuge.

     The United States imposes taxes and bank account reporting requirements on plenty of persons all over the world. These victims are no more “American” than U.S. Senator Ted Cruz was a “Canadian” when he learned in 2013 that under Canadian law he was a citizen of Canada.

     The affected persons face criminal charges and devastating financial penalties for failing to tell the U.S. Treasury about their local bank accounts in their country.

     Omar’s ex-husband could be the next victim, if he had a permanent resident card and didn’t follow federal procedures for renouncing it when he moved back to England.

     Governments should only tax what they protect. If you live in the U.S.A. and work in Canada, and you get hurt on the job or you do not get paid, there is little the U.S.A. bureaucrats can do for you. Since the Canadian bureaucrats would be working for you, that is where the tax should be paid. This is why there is no excuse for an income tax. If you make money trading stocks on the Singapore exchange, you get no protection from the U.S. Government. If you have a good day and you send out for pizza, you pay tax, and the health inspector has to get paid. If you make a good profit and go on a trip around the world, you pay hotel taxes in whatever cities you visit, and that is where the firefirghters have to get paid for protecting you.

     Sales taxes are also better in another way: They preserve your privacy, if you pay with cash; unlike income taxes, where the government gets a report of your dealings.

How dare Omar infer Jews hold dual loyalty between Israel and U.S.A.?

     Let’s see now, Chuck Schumer says, Of course, we say it’s our land, the Torah says it, but they don’t believe in the Torah. So that’s the reason there is not peace.
     Schumer speaks of Jews in the first person and clearly accepts dual identification. Schumer does not speak for all Jews, but he is one Jew who cannot complain about the accusation of dual loyalty after he makes a comment like that while he is a United States Senator speaking of Israel as “our” land.
     If the Koran tells Al-Qaeda terrorists to crash jets into skyscrapers, the Koran is no excuse. If the Torah says Jews must occupy Israel, that does not justify U.S. financial and military support. Anybody who wants to provide financial support can click here and buy all the maximum cards they want from Israel Post. The stamps are canceled onto the cards, which means the Israeli government does not have to reserve any of the money to pay for future costs of delivering mail.
     A big reason for establishing the State of Israel was because Jews living in much of Europe had nowhere to flee. Hitler and the National Socialists were burning the house down whilst bureaucrats such as Franklin Delano Roosevelt and others blocked the exits from the outside, even bullying the Haitian government into turning away refugees. The State of Israel is a place where Jews facing persecution at home can escape and settle, but what about all the other Holocaust victims who were not Jewish? The United States Government never had any right to restrict immigration in the first place. The correct solution is to stop blocking refugees escaping from war zones and dictatorships.
     Real estate property rights include the right to control entry. A theater owner has a right to decide who may enter, and a right to charge money for tickets. These rights apply to specific premises and not to neighborhoods, towns or countries. The song, This land is your land, this land is my land... is absolute nonsense. The anti-immigration bigots do not own my house.
     According to Omar’s critics, it is permissible to accuse a politician of supporting the State of Israel but it’s unpardonable hate speech to accuse the same one of loyalty or allegiance to the same State of Israel.

What it is like to be Black, Muslim and female in Congress

     Like I’m supposed to know?

     If she files bills to impose tougher liquor laws (such as making the bars close earlier in the District of Columbia and raising the booze taxes nationwide) she will be accused of being on a jihad to impose Sharia law on Americans. If she files bills to make the United States of America a freer country, (such as repealing the District of Columbia liquor laws and the National Minimum Drinking Age Act) she will be accused of being on a jihad to destroy America through alcoholism, so that the teetotaling Muslims can take over sooner.

     Look, I don’t care if she is female, or Black, or Muslim. I go by her positions on the issues.

     Help set Representative Omar straight. There is plenty of material in The Book of Ron Paul and The Federalist Papers to offer her. While searching, you are bound to learn a thing or two yourself. I certainly learned a bit while compiling The Book of Ron Paul.

About Muslims

     I wondered why news reports from the Middle East mentioned Shia mosques and Sunni mosques, but Islamic centers in the U.S.A. never mentioned which sect they are. One way to find out: Ask. It turns out that in this neck of the woods, nobody cares which sect somebody is, they all worship together. If you say, “That sounds like just the way God wants it, everybody prays together,” then you just said God wants you to be a Muslim and worship with them. Fine by me, though, if they all pray together.

     If they move into your neighborhood, do what you should always do: Walk up and tell them which night to bring the trash to the streetside.

     Don’t presume that somebody doesn’t speak English just because she wears a hijab. I’m sure they get that.

     Sects and communities vary greatly in the level of their strictness. If a Muslim woman is on the bus with her kid, maybe she is of a sect where she is not supposed to be out and about without a mahram, except that she had to bring the kid to the physician, and so she obtained a fatwa just this once. Maybe she observes a much looser set of rules. Either way, she might be offended if strangers assume she is the other way.

     Do not presume that two Muslims are in the store together, or that they know each other.

     I live in New Hampshire, but my rule is, on the New York subway, everybody is a New Yorker. I adopted that rule while riding on the New York subway. I do not meet a lot of Muslims out this way, but when I do, I put on my best New Yorker, licensing examiner act. I treat everybody with the same respect.

     Once, at a Metro station in Virginia, two ladies wearing hijabs asked me for directions. I didn’t know, but I didn’t want them to think I was intentionally being rude either, so I pointed to my wife and added, “My wife and I are from New Hampshire and we just got here. You can get directions from the guy in the booth.”

     I got on a Boston-bound bus. As seats filled, everybody went to the first empty double seat. Among the last boarders was a mother with a toddler, and they had to cram in next to some guy, as there were no empty doubles remaining. They wanted to sit together. It took me too long to figure out the solution, and I said, “Lady, if I trade seats with you, then you can have this double.” which we did. Was she Muslim? I don’t know, but I don’t care. Remember what I said about treating everybody with the same respect. Now you know the solution. Do that for a dad, too. And no, he is not “babysitting” his own kid.

About Registering Muslims

     One campaign promise Trump made was to make all Muslims register as Muslims with the federal government.

     Truth is, they have the data. They don’t even need to track your cell telephone and see your stops near the mosque. Every time you use a cell phone, the internet, EZPass or a debit card, there is an electronic time stamp. The fact that you do not do these things during prayer times is all the enemy needs to know.

Media Feeding Frenzy

     When a U.S. Representative or U.S. Senator is suddenly immersed in a media feeding frenzy, remember that the TV media are biased in favor of making money. They have a million couch potatoes with their thumbs on the remote and they compete against cartoons and pro-wrestling on the other channels. The more exciting they can make the story sound, the more couch potatoes will sit through the ads. Discussing the enormous difference between a democracy and a republic is too boring. This is also why they feature candidates who are ahead in the polls, a lot more than they feature third party candidates.

     When it happens, one way you can help the member and her/his staff is to make business-as-usual calls that have little or nothing to do with the news story. How about a bill to require that parking meters in the District of Columbia accept half dollars? Review the member’s sponsored bills and call “your” Congresscritter about one of them, mentioning that sponsor by name and State.


There is something folks should know about Jexodus. It is founded by Elizabeth Pipko, a former Trump campaign staffer. She calls Representatives Omar, Tlaib and Ocasio-Cortéz “Jew-haters” as if it was fact. You are not supposed to challenge her accusation, because she is so pretty. She is clearly biased toward winning votes for the Republicans. Jexodus will scrutinize every word of those lawmakers and jump at the chance to distort anything they say. Yahoo!.

Rep. Omar:

     You took Elliott Abrams to task. Good job. Just remember, it makes no difference that somebody is Jewish or not. Just because the licensing examiner fails a road test applicant who happens to be Jewish, doesn’t mean the examiner is anti-Jewish. I don’t want the examiner to pass somebody who isn’t ready just because the applicant wears a hijab or a yarmulke. The unqualified driver might get hurt in a crash, or crash into somebody I like.

     Ron Paul, M.D. is an OB/GYN. This does not mean his opinions are necessarily correct; but it means he is more aware of the issues facing the health care community than the average person, due to his personal experience, much the way you may be more aware of Middle Eastern issues than the average person is.

     Don’t indulge in outrage just to hear yourself talk. You may become good friends with Rep. Ocasio-Cortéz and Rep. Tlaib, but don’t let friendship interfere with doing your job. Vote with them when it is the correct vote, and not when it isn’t.

     Reach out to Ron Paul’s supporters. (He does not have followers. We think for ourselves. We are leaders.) Put somebody onto your staff who can work full time to offer chess moves that will serve some of your purposes, while adhering to the Doctrine of Enumerated Powers and making the United States of America a freer country. That staffer will report to you once a business day: What would Ron Paul do? Run the results through your filter.

     Always remember: Unalienable rights, by definition, pre-empt the Rule of Law whenever the two things conflict with each other. Unalienable rights are not gifts from the government. Governments cannot, by manufacturing documents, acquire the authority to violate the unalienable rights of a person. That is why orthodox libertarian extremists did not accept Prohibition, even when it was imposed under an amendment to the United States Constitution. The custom of being respectful when addressing an elected official allows some politicians grossly to underestimate the hostility they incite by imposing unjust laws, especially nanny-state laws inflicted on an individual for his or her own protection.

     In 1864, there was a referendum in Maryland on whether to free the slaves. Should we accept the outcome? Certainly, as long as the outcome is yes. It’s not about getting our way, it is about getting the correct way.


Jewish Voice for Peace


Consortium News

Holocaust news clips, a website by this same webmaster.

Webmaster words:

Of course, you want to know what political party and what religion I am, true? Well it is none of your business and it is totally irrelevant because I am presenting material for your evaluation. Always beware of reporters telling you what to think. It really is sickening to see the outright lies as well as the distortions. Notice that I discuss Israel’s actions to the Palestinians only tangentially. That is because I haven’t been reading up on that. I am supporting Omar’s right to discuss it.

If you are sick of the Republicans for their vile slurs against Omar and you oppose the tax-and-spend policies of Omar and her allies in the House, vote for orthodox libertarian extremists. If you vote against an orthodox libertarian extremist because he or she “can’t possibly win,” you are as guilty as the rest of them.

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