Ilhan Omar married her brother

Let’s see now...on 12 February 2009, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi of the County of Anoka, State of Minnesota, born 4 April 1985 and Ilhan Abdullahi Omar of the County of Anoka, State of Minnesota, born 4 October 1982, were joined in marriage Wilecia Harris, according to a record filed 20 February 2009 in Hennepin County, receipt number 329-00013656, cartridge/image number 1002-0568.

Let’s see now...the bride became legally classified as a U.S. citizen in 1999, when she was 17. That means she became legally classified as a citizen as a minor, by virtue of her father’s naturalization.

Since the groom is younger, that means that he, too would have been a minor, and would have become legally classified as a U.S. citizen automatically, by virtue of the father’s naturalization, if they had the same father. The idea that she married him to commit marriage fraud just to keep him in the U.S.A., would be absurd, because he would already have been legally classified as a U.S.A. citizen.

Furthermore, U.S.C.I.S. would have asked for birth certificates, which would have revealed that the groom and bride had the same parents.

Am I really the first person to figure this out?

It is too bad that in Minnesota, the names of the parents are not kept in marriage records, as this is a big help to researchers tracing their family trees.

Note that I say “legally classified as a citizen” because another truth is, there is no such thing as citizenship. It is a myth. It is not as if some bureaucracy is part of anybody’s soul.

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